Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

After a shawl project ended up ruined, I had quite a bit of Unforgettable yarn in my stash. Lesson learned: do not keep projects made from yarn in a bag made from yarn. It ended up making my work very very fuzzy as the yarn from the shawl rubbed against the yarn from the bag. To use up all this leftover yarn, I have been working on a stashbuster “blarf” (blanket+scarf) made up from the leftovers of the project.

My grading scale:
I’ll be grading on a 15 point scale, with three categories worth 5 points each. For yarn, I will be grading based on color, quality, and texture.

Color: 5/5

(Back, left to right): Dragonfly, Cappuccino, Petunia; (Front: left to right): Echo, Springtime, Polo

I have six different colorways on hand: Cappuccino, Dragonfly, Echo, Springtime, Petunia and Polo. Unforgettable yarns have beautiful, slow-changing, bright colorways. Some are focused on a simple color scheme with only one or two colors, while others have a broader spectrum of color. I think my favorite out of what I have has to be Dragonfly, for it’s gorgeous shades of blues of and purple.

Texture: 3/5

Dragonfly and Petunia on either side of a worsted yarn

This yarn is absolutely gorgeous and soft, and a pleasure to work with in regards to the feeling. Fresh out of the label, it has a shine to it, which makes the texture of your stitches stand out more. It doesn’t have the same worsting that most yarn does, where you can see the fibers twisted together. It’s more of a smooth strand of fiber.

Quality: 3/5

Unforgettable yarns used in rows

One of the first things I do with a fresh skein of yarn, is roll it into a ball. It allows me to get more familiar with it, and I do find the repetitive action very soothing. One thing I noticed about this yarn, is how varied it is in thickness. It is a worsted weight yarn (4, on a label), and it does compare well with a standard worsted weight yarn. I will often find places in which the yarn has been more tightly wound, or where it has loosened quite a bit. There have been a few times where it was so loose, that it fell apart and I had to stop before I hit that space and reattach it to the work. It also gets fuzzy very quickly, which dulls its shine.

Final Results:

Blarf project in progress

Overall, Red Heart Unforgettable gets a solid 11/15 points. It’s not my favorite yarn to work with, and I don’t like how fuzzy it gets. However, it is still a beautiful and affordable yarn from Red Heart.

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Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn 3935 Dragonfly
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Red Heart E793.3940 Boutique Unforgettable Yarn, Echo
Coats Yarn Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn, Springtime


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