Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn

I have been trying to experiment with different kinds of yarn types, so this is my first time working with a cotton yarn. I really wanted to make a triangle scarf from a cotton yarn after seeing one of my good friends showing off one she knitted that was not only gorgeous, but super soft. So after some browsing on Amazon, I found myself a neutral colored yarn that is 100% cotton.

My grading scale:
I’ll be grading on a 15 point scale, with three categories worth 5 points each. For yarn, I will be grading based on color, quality, and texture.


Color: 5/5


I got the colorway Sonoma Print. This is an off-white color with small sections of a pink-peach color, lime green, and brown sprinkled throughout for an extra little pop of color. It’s definitely going to look great for summer and spring!


Texture: 5/5


This yarn is a worsted weight yarn, and I love how you can see the texture of the worsting. Even after I worked it and unraveled it and worked it again several times, it still held up and didn’t unravel or lose its texture. It’s soft to the touch, though as my friend put it, “Cotton is unforgiving”. It’s a sturdy yarn, and doesn’t stretch like acrylic or wool does. I will also note, that it does shed a bit and I’ve had lots of little white fiber all over my shirt.

Quality: 5/5


As far as my experience goes, this is a great yarn. It holds up well, is easy to work with, and looks gorgeous. It has a very natural feeling and appeal to it, which I really like. The worsting is even and I didn’t find obvious flaws in it while I was rolling it. I got quite a bit of yarn in this skein as well, which made me happy. I also haven’t had any problems with it unraveling. Though I could see that for a tassel-fringe on this shawl, the worsting could be pulled apart so the strands make a softer fringe.

Final Results:


I have to give this a 15/15! I am in love with this yarn and can’t wait to see it as a finished product. I think this color with this worsted texture has a really natural appeal to it which makes the handmade vibe of the work stand out even more. The little bits of color are subtle, but enough to make a difference and bring a little extra life to the work. Super excited to see this project finished!

Get this gorgeous yarn for yourself on Amazon!
Spinrite Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Ombres Big Ball, Sonoma Print


4 thoughts on “Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn

    1. Hello! Thank you! I actually found a pattern that lays better, so I will update this as soon as possible! I’m thinking a shawlette size, so probably about 20-30 inches from the middle to the point of the scarf. If you’d like, I can share the pattern with you!


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