Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn

It’s been awhile since I looked at this project. I forgot how much I love working with this yarn. I picked it up in a Walmart in Arizona the day after Christmas, and bought about eight skeins. After showing off this yarn, you might see why. This is a Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn from Lion Brand in Sequoia, and I am absolutely in love with it. I kept it on hand for a few months before digging around the internet for some perfect patterns. I found one for a scarf, which I whipped up in a day and gave to my boss as a birthday gift before her trip to Colorado. The second pattern I found was a drop-stitch knit blanket.

My grading scale:
I’ll be grading on a 15 point scale, with three categories worth 5 points each. For yarn, I will be grading based on color, quality, and texture.

Color: 5/5


This yarn is a beautiful, rich reddish brown, just like the bark of the redwoods! It also has a few hints of color mixed in. I’ve seen black, blonde, and even a pink color mixed into the worsting, which gives it beautiful variation.

Texture: 5/5


This is a Super Bulky size 6, so it’s very thick. This make it great for chunky or quickly worked project. It’s made from 80% acrylic and 20% wool. It’s super soft and not scratchy at all. The worsting is a little fuzzy, but beautifully defined.

Quality: 5/5


Though sunlight decided not to cooperate today with my photos, this yarn is gorgeous and well-made. It’s study and soft and pleasant to work with. I really enjoy Lion Brand yarns for their beautiful worsting and good quality. For this yarn, the slightly fuzzy quality actually gives it a more natural and rugged quality perfect for a cozy cabin.

Final Results:

15/15 for this beautiful yarn. Good quality, beautiful color, and a lovely texture. This yarn is fantastic and I look forward to working with more Wool-Ease colors in the future. For this Sequoia, it matches perfectly with my rustic, fall cabin decor. I am super excited to get back to working on it and someday have a cozy blanket to curl up with on winter days.


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