Project Pile: Pineapple Scarf

I recently reviewed Lily Sugar’n Cream in Sonoma Print. I love this cotton yarn, but it’s been tough figuring out just what to do with it. I tried knitting one pattern and fell out of love with it. Next I tried crocheting another pattern, and didn’t like the way the stitches laid. Finally, I found a better pattern, one that I really love and am super excited to be working on! Even more exciting, I just finished it on Memorial Day and already have a buyer!


Though the original pattern was meant to be crocheted with silk thread, I have been using a  worsted weight, cotton yarn with a 5.5mm (US I) hook to keep it light and lacy. I love how sturdy it feels, and the natural look of the cotton yarn. It has a super casual feeling to it, but with a little extra elegance. The little hints of color make it look like the perfect accessory for spring and summer. I am super proud of my work and how it turned out.

The pattern itself is pretty easy as long as you know how to double crochet, chain, and single crochet. Knowing how to read charts is pretty helpful as well. I really like how this one includes notes on what row you are working as you begin to crochet. It makes it easier to read as well as continue. I have a copy of the pattern’s chart on both my laptop and phone, so I always have access to double-check where I need to start the next increase or the number of chains for a particular gap.

To get this gorgeous yarn for yourself, check it out on Amazon!
Spinrite Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Ombres Big Ball, Sonoma Print


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