Distracted DIY: Project Anxiety?

So I just made my first sale! My boss bought the shawl before it was even completed! I paid about $10 for the Sonoma Print yarn, and charged $25 for the finished product. Now, I’m eager to get started on another pineapple shawl! For the past few days, I have been browsing Amazon trying to find the best prices and the best yarn to fit the product. Though, I have noticed that I feel super restless and nervous about making the purchase.

I know that I want a cotton yarn, since I really liked the way my previous cotton project turned out. There is also the search for the perfect color. I want a sort of muted color that will be easy for someone to pair with an outfit they have at home. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell if the photos and lighting are of good quality or if my screen is distorting the color of the yarn in the photo, so that makes me a little nervous as well.

I am super eager to get started on my next shawl, so that might be what makes me so nervous. I want it to be gorgeous, just like the last one. Does anyone else get nervous or stressed out when planning a project?


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