Lion Brand Vanna’s Sequins Ruby

I haven’t touched this prject in awhile, so I was super excited to receive another skein of this yarn as a gift! I am super excited to share Lion Brand Vanna’s Sequins in Ruby! This yarn is a DK yarn, a 3 in weight. It’s a gorgeous yarn that I fell in love with from the first day it came in the mail. It is going to make this small, accent throw even more special with the sparkle scattered throughout.

Color: 5/5


This shimmery yarn is a deep red with a slight luster to the fibers. The sequins woven into the worsting is equally as red, making it blend in nicely with the color and texture of the yarn. The actual fibers have a bit of a sheen in them, which makes it pair well with the sequins without having a jarring contrast.

Texture: 5/5


This is Ruby beside a worsted weight cotton yarn. They are a bit similar in size, but when you are working with them, there is a definite difference in weight and feel. The sheen of the yarn really brings out the worsting, making it pretty dramatic. I absolutely love being able to see the texture of the worsting in yarns! Also, the sequins are actually woven into the strands, not glued like I have seen with some articles of clothing. This prevents them from falling out.

Quality: 5/5


Apologies for the bad lighting. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous, and very well made. I have found Lion Brand to be good quality yarns, well worsted with few flaws, and they always have a big impact on the work. This yarn is no different. I love the Vanna’s Choice yarns, and this one is equally as stunning as the others.

Final Result:

15/15 for this beauty! It is a beautiful, high quality yarn. It definitely makes a statement with lacy patterns like this one! I can’t wait to finish it up and add it to the decor in my bedroom.

Get this beautiful yarn for yourself!
Lion Brand Vanna’s Sequins in Ruby


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