Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

So let’s try a new style of review. I feel like what I’ve been working with lately has been super structured, and I feel like it’s too structured. If anyone has any input on blogging about products, I’d love to hear it. I also apologize this is late again, I have been super sick and just started my Senior Seminar class for the summer.

Now, let’s get in and take a look at some Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Yes! The best yarn for a beginner when it comes to crochet and knit. It’s cheap, easy to work with, and still looks nice. It is also readily available at stores like Target or Walmart if you just need to pick something up to work with and keep your hands busy.

This yarn is 100% acrylic, which I thought I would never go back to. However, I just needed to work with something and work on something. So I picked up some cheap Super Saver for about $2-3 per skein (some skeins are more expensive than others, it may be related  the amount of dye). They’re fairly large skeins too (364 yds), so there is plenty to work with. I grabbed one skein of each in these colors to make a cool wrap for spring or summer: Medium Thyme, Cafe Latte, and Real Teal.


I haven’t worked with a Red Heart yarn in quite awhile. I actually forgot how nice they were for a quick project, and how gorgeous the worsting in in some of them. Now they may not be Lion Brand gorgeous in their worsting, but there are some that stand out. I think that’s actually what drew me to these yarns when I was in Walmart. I was short on time and one of the first ones I noticed was the beautiful teal, and then found two other skeins to compliment it.


If there is one thing to keep in mind with cheaper  yarns, is that they can sometimes feel rough. This is especially true when you’ve worked with higher quality yarns which are super soft. They also have a sort of “spongy” quality. I have noticed this with other Super Saver type yarns, where the material feels squishy or elastic. I’m not sure why exactly this is, but it can be nice sometimes.


I also noticed these yarns, in the darker colors, have a slight sheen to them. This may be due to the acrylic fibers, since they are practically a kind of plastic. However, that slight sheen and bright color was what caught my eye and made me feel a bit better about buying Super Saver. It also made a big impact on the stitches and the way the product looks so far. I’m in love with these cool colors and the way the stitches lay, as well as the sort of stretch that the wrap has.

If you’d like to get this yarn online, check it out here!
Real Teal
Cafe Latte
Medium Thyme


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