In May, I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design! Great, right? Five years of hard work and crazy commutes finally coming to an end. Since then, I have been struggling emotionally and mentally with this big life change. Without medications, my depression is unchecked, but at least I don’t have crippling migraines all the time!

I recently adopted a massive amount of yarn from a member of the church who wanted to thin out her stash, and have become overwhelmed with the amount of yarn. Three boxes packed full of yarn! This is in addition to the growing stash of yarn I already had! With so much yarn, I’m anxious to find uses for it. I think I finally found a way to thin it out…

I was searching for tutorials to teach one of my friends how to make a granny square and came across this awesome tutorial from Bella-Coco. That tutorial led to me discovering her mood blanket, which I absolutely fell in love with! I thought it would be a fun way to not only use up some of my stash, but to keep track of my ever-changing mental state. (Not to mention, her “join as you go” method of connecting the squares makes life so much easier.)


I am only about 10 days in from when I started on July 8th, but it has gone well. By the end of today, I will be 10 squares in. It has given me time every day to think about how my day has gone, reflect on some of my actions, and think about what I need to do the next day so I don’t end up with two of the same color side-by-side. My OCD goal is to have none of the same colors touching.


My mood blanket started with just a list of emotions, a majority of them pulled from the Bella-Coco post as a base and inspiration, and then added to and adjusted from there. I used a piece of lined paper from a journal to list them on, and tucked it into my sketchbook where I am keeping track of my emotions, in case I get behind. I decided not to assign colors to every mood immediately, but to do so gradually as I progress. When I pick a new yarn for a mood I haven’t used yet, I thread a piece of yarn into the line that mood belongs to, so I have a color comparison. (Many of my adopted yarns do not have labels.) I still have a few color tags I need to add to the sheet of paper, but at least I have managed to stay on track with my blanket so far.

This project is going to be absolutely huge! With rows of 16 squares, each measuring nearly 6″ (including border), this thing is going to be about 8′ across and about 11′ tall! If I wasn’t so far in already, I would have adjusted the sizes of the squares, maybe doing 3 rounds instead of 4 before the border, or dropping my hook size to a 4mm. But, I’m pretty excited about having a massive, snuggly, blanket that could look beautiful as a bed spread for either a queen or king sized bed.



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