Okay, admitting my current obsession with granny squares now. These past few weeks, I’ve fallen in love with these classic, simple squares. They’re easy to do, and a simple change in color between rows can make them look even more adorable! I adopted a bag full of vintage yarn, obviously a planned afghan, with a few blocks of shell stitch already made. There were several skeins in both “natural” and “Antique Rose”.

berella 4

I did a little research and was able to find that these are vintage Berella 4 labels, and that the line of yarn was discontinued. I would have loved to find dates to find out just how old this yarn is or when it was discontinued, but I haven’t been able to find any such thing. Just Ebay sales….lots of Ebay sales. If I run out before finishing this project, I know where I can find more!

I absolutely love these two colors and how they pair together. Searching Google and Pintrest for “pink white crochet afghan”, I found a photo of a three-color granny square afghan that made the center look like a little flower framed with green leaves. Simple, right? Well, I loved it, and I wanted to make one for myself. I added in Red Heart Super Saver’s “Light Sage” to compliment the muted colors and add a balancing cool color to the already warm cream and rose colors.


The way I have it planned is to create a checkerboard pattern with the white and pink borders of the flowers. Every white flower has a pink border, and every pink flower has a white border; Then, joining the squares in a way that alternates the white and pink squares. Of course, I’m using the same join-as-you-go method as the mood blanket, since I absolutely hate crocheting/sewing together loads of squares. For now, the work flow that has worked best, is to whip up batches of 7 center sections at a time like those shown above, then join them to the blanket.

The squares, in their finished size with the border, come to about 3.5″. The blanket is going to be 50″ wide, so 14 squares across gets us to a healthy 49″, not including the border that will be added to the blanket later on. Depending on how far the yarn I have goes, it will either be 50″ (14 squares) long, or 70″ (20 squares). I’ll work row by row and see how it goes. From the row and a half that I have now, I’m super excited about the results.



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