I have worked this yarn so many times, I’m surprised it still holds together so well! I bought this Lily Cotton yarn in Lilac to be a pineapple shawl like the Sonoma colorway I used before. However, I wasn’t feeling it this time around and ended up attempting to work up different patterns only to pull them apart again over and over. Finally, I found a pattern I’m happy with. This lacy throw blanket was actually designed to be a rug, but I have decided it will be a throw blanket for my parents’ room, since their new linens contain lots of purple.


This pattern I discovered on Pinterest, while searching for crochet rugs to not only whittle down my stash, but also solve the lack of rugs issue in our new home, which is all wood and tile flooring. So it was originally intended to be a rug, but I was worried that even with special tapes to hold it in place, that my mother would fall over it (nerve damage in her feet) or the dog’s claws would ruin it. So, it became a decorative throw rug. When I first started the project, I was blazing through the center motif, but have now slowed down as the ADD has kicked in and I have needed to bounce between projects. I have also had to rip back rows a few times when I’ve noticed mistakes that can’t be “fixed” by adding an extra double crochet when I find a miscount, which put me behind by quite a bit.


Nevertheless, I’m still in love with this pattern, and carry it with me when I leave the house. It’s a great waiting room pattern, and I keep the chart on my phone so I can check my work while I’m away. My other projects require multiple colors of yarn, so a single-colored project is my best friend for when I’m out and about. It’s complex enough to keep my attention, but also easy enough that I don’t have to be constantly staring at the chart.

I’m not sure how large this piece will be. I bought 10 skeins of the Lily Cotton when I first planned a shawl. If it either gets large enough or I start running out, that will determine where it will stop. But for now, I have plenty to work with so I’ll keep going. It is currently about 3′ across, from straight edge to straight edge.


As for the tail that’s featured in a few of these photos, it belongs to my “little” girl, Dakota. My 3-year-old boxweiler who decided getting off the bed so I could take my photos was not an option today. She’s really upset that my mom left to Arizona to deal with a family emergency for the week and has been pouting constantly.



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