So I got a little over-excited with the size of this blanket. A few days ago I had just finished the 16th square (I am a few days behind), and laid it out on my queen sized bed to see how long it was. Keep in mind, this is the width of the blanket, and it was touching the floor on either side of the bed. Since I do plan on using this for my bed, and a cream border with a hardwood flooring was not such a good idea…I decided I needed to take out a row from each square to shorten it up.


Now, this mistake will put be even more behind for a bit, but it isn’t the worst thing to happen. Because my squares are join-as-you-go, they are easy to pull back, fix, and reattach. I essentially need to remove the cream border, as well as the outer round of the square, then crochet the border back on. It is a simple fix for this huge problem, without having to start all over. You can see how big of a difference it made in the length and width of the squares, compared to the older versions.


Now, after my fixes, I’m left with lots of little scraps of yarn. I’m not quite sure what I want to do with them or if I even should keep them. I might use the bits and pieces of yarn and connect them using the Russian Join(I may have called it the Weaver’s knot at some point by mistake) and use them in the border of this blanket, maybe as a round of single crochet.


Lately, as I have been recording my daily moods, I know I have had a handful of not-so-great ones. I am definitely wrestling with some depression right now, which is normal. Having to decide a new emotion every day has made me step back and think about what I’m actually feeling. Am I doing better today? Worse? Have I felt more productive, or am I letting everything fall apart around me? There have been more blue (sad/depression) and brown (tired) squares, and a few in light sage (a bit off). I try to have better days so I can mix in more enthusiastic and positive colors, trying to keep from falling into a pattern. Also, I’ve started color coding with markers, which helps me visually translate what I’m working with.


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