We moved into this house a few months ago, and there was already a coop in the backyard. Our landlord said it was okay to have chickens, so we made plans to eventually get some. This weekend we fixed and cleaned up the coop, and brought home a few 5-week old chickens! Our 5 new babies will most likely be hens, but we can’t be sure until they are older. Hopefully we wont’ have to do any chicken exchanging. These lovely ladies are supposed to start laying in December, and they were hatched July 6th. So far, absolutely in love with them!


They are dual-purpose chickens, which means that they will lay a moderate amount of eggs, and will also be good for meat once their laying days are over. How will that fateful day go? Not sure. Dad will probably have to do the work. Keeping their fate in mind, a few of them have food names. Introducing: BBQ (red), Dinner (white), Miss Fluffy Butt (tan), Nugget and Mary Poopins (black/white).


They are so beautiful and super soft! I love their little noises that they make, with their little chirps, squeals and trills. We’ve managed to get a few of them to eat out of our hands. Nugget is the bravest little bird, and Dinner is well…the biggest chicken. He tends to hide away under the nesting box when we are sitting in the coop, while the others will eventually come out and scratch around. Nugget will come close and eat from your hand, or peck at your clothes if you’re sitting still enough.





I am so excited to see how they grow up and what color eggs they might lay. It’s always exciting to bring in a new pet, especially one you haven’t had before. We’ve previously had goats, and we have had birds in the past, but chickens are pretty new.



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