Mood Blanket: Two Months!

Wow! Just last week I finished up nearly two months of squares. The blanket is looking great! I love how all these bright colors come together, and how the colors seem to change scheme depending on periods of my mood. Some sections are bright and warm, other spaces are much cooler and calmer. The past few days I have been happy, excited and motivated since I just got a pair of male parakeets to keep me company. They’ve grown so much in a week!


Anyway, back to the blanket. I have now completed three rows of squares, which adds up to 48 squares so far. I do still have a handful of squares left to do, but seem to be enjoying making them in batches that correspond to rows. So I will fill out the spaces for 16 days, then start crocheting those squares and attaching them, which is why it does not look like a full 2 months in terms of how much I have crocheted.


You may see a drop in photo quality for my newer posts. Normally I would lay things out and shoot them with my nicer camera, but I have felt the need lately to be more spontaneous and just do things right away, which means laying things out and grabbing photos with my phone.


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