You sell what??

Time for a little break from crocheting to talk about what I’ve been up to (besides I’m way behind on projects…). For the past couple months, my mom and I have begun selling some things on eBay; or rather, we are re-selling. We have managed to make a handful of cash off good quality and new-with-tags clothes from the thrift store. Yes, the thrift store!

I’m not kidding. My mom and I go to one of those Goodwill outlet centers where they charge for hardgoods and clothing by the pound. They roll out this huge trays the size of ping pong tables and about a foot deep that are overflowing with clothes, shoes and household linens. We spend about two hours at a time digging through these trays to find unique, well-made items, some of which still have their retail tags on. By the time we’ve checked out and counted up our items, we’ve spent around $1 per piece.

Believe me, I know some people are grossed out by thrift store stuff, with every reason to. I have found some disgusting things in there before. Most of the stuff is just poured straight out of bags into the trays. You find things that smell like urine, are caked with deodorant, or reek of smoke. We make sure everything we bring home doesn’t smell, is in good condition with little to no wear marks, includes all buttons/tassels/pulls, and is without stains or tears. If it passes those checks from what we can see in the store’s lighting and comes from a decent brand or fits our criteria for the season, it comes home.

We then make sure they’re clean, do some research, photograph, and list them at reasonable prices. Prices can range from $.99 to $15 (at the very most for very expensive brands).

With no employment, this little bit of work has kept my spirits up! I have stuff to do, I take part in the entire process, and I’m really enjoying this bit of work. At the end of the month, I make a few bucks for all my efforts.

Thanks for letting me ramble ❤ If you’d like to take a look at what we’re selling, see our store here!


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