Discovering: Bullet Journals!

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and stumbled across some pins about bullet journals, which had come up because I was looking for mood trackers for one of my friends. I learned about these journals that were kind of an all-in-one planner, journal, to-do list, and tracker of infinite things. After a little digging, I was absolutely inspired! I had to try this out!

Now, these journals are completely custom to each individual who uses them, and it can be as fancy or as simple as you would like. But understanding the base structure of a bullet journal is important to understand before you dive in. I actually stumbled across the official website and found their get started page to be super helpful as I was preparing for my new journal to come in the mail. It is important to plan space in the front of your journal for your index/table of contents so you can find things easily, like your key that reminds you what all your little marks mean.

Part of my preparation process was figuring out what I wanted out of my journal. My biggest focus was productivity and to-do’s. I wanted a simple way to keep track of my  daily tasks, and a habit tracker has served that purpose well. I have a chart laid out for this month with each day and a list of tasks that I do every single day, simple habits I’m trying to form, or medications and habits I want to track. In my new journal, I’ve also created a second chart for tracking my uncle’s medications and meals since I do most of the day-to-day household caretaking for him.

Habit tracker

I have seen many people include a “future log”, where they make notes about their future plans for the coming 6 months to a year; However, because I live at home with my family, the long-term events and plans are made by my parents. I don’t really feel like I need that section, so I’ve left it out. I actually even leave out a month overview, but I may add that at a later date. What I do use is the weekly planning where I lay out my week on a page of my journal, write down any appointments and events I see on our Google calendar, and leave a little extra space for groceries I’ve noticed we need and notes for the week, as well as what meals we have eaten through the week.


Now comes my to-do’s and daily planning. At night, I make sure I have appointments and tasks laid out for the next day. Throughout the day, I’m actively marking tasks as completed and checking for what needs to be done next. It keeps me time-conscious, on task, and encourages productivity. I’ve found myself motivated to do more, even when it’s not on my list and I’m already out of space for the day (to prevent me from over-burdening myself or writing things down just so I can check them off).


So far, I’ve felt my productivity skyrocket, I feel positive, and I get excited for every day. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to spend the day doing nothing, and I feel bad when I haven’t accomplished anything. I’ve also felt like I’ve had a hard time remembering things lately, so having this journal on-hand at all times has made it easier for me to retain information. My little book has already started evolving and changing and being adapted as I learn new things and try to streamline my process. I’ll have another post coming soon about my new discoveries!


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