July 2018 | Plan With Me

As June is coming to a close, I’m getting to work on July. I recently began adding a brain dump, which I have never used before, and trying to use a monthly tracker again. I have also been going through a short course of articles on bullet journalling, which has encouraged me to become more goal-oriented and spend more time on self reflection.

So, let’s get started!

july title

I am so proud of this title page! I have been learning and practicing hand lettering, and this faux lettering work turned out so much better than expected! I am also experimenting with doodles and decorations. This simple calendar makes me really happy with how clean and simple it is. There’s also room to lay out my goals for the month, which I haven’t quite gotten to yet.

events budget

Early in June was when I originally laid out the month of July. Since then, I have decided that the long list of events is a waste of space, and I could instead use the page to create a two-page spread for my budget, since I often run out of space and end up taping in small sheets of paper as I list my transactions for the month. Though my events sheet is useless now, my budget has been a very helpful tool in helping me plan for the various payments I need to make.

braindump tracker

The brain dump and tracker are new pages I am trying out for this month, and they were added a handful of pages later, so I have a paperclip in place to help me find the page easily. So far, my first experience with brain dumps has been awesome! If you don’t know what a brain dump is, it’s where you write down everything that is worrying you, bothering you, things you want to remember or keep in mind. Just…everything. With everything down on the page, I can focus on taking action and make plans. I’ve already gotten a head start, since I started a few days early.

Previously, I tried using monthly trackers, but tended to lose track of them. Now, I’m using them more as a check list than a tracker, which makes it easier for me to keep up with it. I had used a tracker while my mom was away as a checklist for the various household things that needed to be done every day so it wouldn’t crowd my dailies.

july daily weekly

This is my weekly/daily hybrid layout. I like this because it is separated into different boxes for every day. Since they are all in the same spread, I only migrate my tasks at the end of the week. The events box makes it easy for me to see what I have going on this week, and small marks at the tops of the daily boxes remind me that I have events on those days. The box in the top left is a space for journalling and notes. As I work on sorting out my new goals and habit-busting/building, they will be noted in that section as well.

july memories

This memories spread is also fairly new. I did my first memories page in April on a single page, but have now upgraded to a two-page spread. June’s memory spread went very well, and I’m excited to fill up July’s pages as well. I used similar doodles of watermelon slices and leaves to link it to the title page for the month.

I am so excited to see how this month goes! I’m trying out some new things (including a cleaning schedule and possibly morning pages.

Do you guys have any new things you are trying in your journals?


2 thoughts on “July 2018 | Plan With Me

    1. Thanks! I’m really trying to do new things with my bullet journal and have more fun with it. I’ve recently started learning calligraphy, so it’s nice to put it to good use in my bullet journal.

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