Welcome July 2018! (Week 1: 1st – 7th)

The month has begun, and I am so eager to start filling up these empty spreads! This month I am trying out some new pages and systems that I haven’t tried before, or that I am trying again. Examples of new things are morning pages, brain dumps, and a cleaning calendar; on the other hand, I am trying to use a habit tracker again to keep those recurring, daily tasks from cluttering my spreads.

I have already picked out a good habit, and a bad habit to work on. I am still trying to build a habit of reading a little bit every day. The goal is to read at least 5 pages from a book every single day. I have hardly touched a book since I graduated from college, and I would like to fall in love with reading again. I am even exploring some genres of books (devotionals or lifestyle books) that I haven’t been willing to read on my own in the past. As for my habit breaking goal for this week, I’m trying to be really conscious about picking up after myself. My family tends to nag and complain because I leave a hurricane behind me wherever I go (so they say). Even just in my personal space, I want to get out of that “I’ll do it later” mind set, and take care of it when I see it or as soon as possible.


At the end of this week, I was so thrilled to find out that I had completed everything! No migration at all! It has helped to have a brain dump where I can toss everything that I want to do, but doesn’t need to get done right now, or is a project in progress. It feels so good not to have to migrate those kinds of things when I don’t plan on completing them yet. But they are still somewhere I can easily find them and work on them at a different pace. I’d rather not have to migrate stuff about thank you notes that I’m waiting on from some one else. (Note: This post is late, so my habit tracker is filled in a bit more)


How was your first week of July?


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