Bullet Journal in Vacation-Mode!

This week I went to Vegas for a conference called Ebay Open. Ebay Open is a conference for Ebay sellers to get together, learn, network, and meet up. My mom and I have been reselling clothing for about 9 months now, so this was our first time attending the conference. I have to say, it was so awesome! I felt confident in who I was and my passion for what my mom and I do together.

So since I was on a working vacation…what happened with my bullet journal? I didn’t have tasks to complete, and I wasn’t home to keep up with my normal daily tasks. I still found ways to incorporate my bullet journal into my day, though not in the same way I normally would.


I kept up with my habit tracker, using a dash to mark the tasks that I didn’t have to do. I still brought my books and my writing practice with me to do in my spare time. Obviously, I wasn’t as strict with myself as I am when I’m home. I didn’t have a lot of down time to spend practicing my handwriting or doing some reading. However, I did keep up with  my morning pages, and converted my typical daily task boxes into space to write about my day!

I actually added a few new things to my habit tracker just before I left for my trip, and during my trip. I decided I needed to set aside more time to be quiet, meditate, and read my Bible. Those were things I was neglecting, and I needed to build the habit again. Meditation is a new thing that I’m trying for just a few minutes in the evening to re-center myself, relax, and exist.


When I wasn’t enjoying the resort or the conference, I was spending time in my junk journal. If you haven’t seen a junk journal before, they are exactly the way they sound. They’re a unique way to capture memories with anything you have on hand. I use scraps of paper, little printed pieces of maps or things I’ve picked up in my adventures. This mess of found items and craft supplies create a place for me to capture memories, journal about my adventures, and inspire myself to explore more!

How do you use your bullet journal during vacation?


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