July 2018: Flip-Through

Today is July 31st! The last day of July! You know what that means: it’s time to look back through this month’s spreads and see how I did. This month started out feeling slow, then suddenly flew by. Maybe it’s because I spent a week of it out of town, and a few weeks ahead of that trip freaking out about said trip. Either way, I feel like it was a great month where I made progress on my personal goals and implementing new spreads that I hadn’t tried before.

Starting with my monthly title page, I absolutely loved the summery watermelon theme! It was fun, and I’m glad I didn’t stick with the typical Independence day theme that I see pretty often in July spreads. It was also my first try at faux calligraphy, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. The title page was paired with a simplified monthly calendar that I really enjoy.


I did start out the month with a monthly events overview, before later deciding that I don’t need it. I’ll be using my weekly spreads to hold my events where I  can see them and use them more effectively. I also kept up with my budgeting page, which ended up shorter than others due to the way my funds worked out in preparation for my trip. I am super proud of myself for effectively doing some saving in preparation for August’s Amazon Prime Bill.


In my weekly spreads, I did better at finishing everything (or nearly everything) that I had set out for myself during the months. I also started implementing washi tape with reminders of my bigger goals for that specific week. I have been trying to work on habits from week to week in order to better myself.


A big event in July was my trip to Las Vegas, NV for EbayOpen 2018! This was my first time really putting my journal into “vacation mode”. I discussed this in a previous post in more detail, but I essentially traded out my daily tasks for mini diary entries about the day. Though in the end it felt a bit repetitive considering I was also doing diary entries in my reflection box, and in my junk journal.

vacation mode

I set aside a few pages for notes from Ebay Open, and then put in my memories page for the month. I really experimented with doodling, stamping, and adding in scraps of things that represented my subscriptions and adventures throughout the month (ie: a stamp from my sandwich box at the coffee shop, the card and a sample of yarn from my Darn Good Yarn box, and an adorable piece of packaging from my Ipsy bag!).


This was also my first month experimenting with a brain dump and a tracker. I am definitely learning what I like and what I don’t like about these spreads and adjusting them accordingly. My tracker is a bit too messy and it bothers me, so I will be trying to improve it as I go through August. But, I did add a few more things to my daily routine I thought were important.


July turned out really awesome and I’m so proud of my work!

Question of the day: What was your favorite thing about July?


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