August 2018: Plan With Me!

This is a small bit late! Things have been crazy this week with Vacation Bible School!

I am so optimistic for August! Diving into fresh, empty spreads is my favorite part about the beginning of the month. I had actually drawn out my spreads in July when I was feeling pretty inspired. So by this point, there are a few changes I would like to make and a few spreads I’ve decided I don’t need. Lesson learned: don’t work too far ahead!

August was inspired by a post I stumbled across on Pinterest (unfortunately I can’t find it now). I loved the clean lines of the triangle paired with the subtle floral design. I used my favorite pens, Zebra Mildliners, in gray and purple as the color theme for the month. I love how simple and cool they are, and how well they pair with the muted watercolors I used for the flowers. I also kept my typical calendar. I honestly don’t spend much time using my full calendar, so I may change the way I do this in the future.


august title

My first spread is an events page, and a budgeting page. During July, I decided I didn’t need this events page, and that I needed more room for budgeting, since I often overflow with one page. I found that it works much better for me to include events in my weekly spreads where I can see them at all times, instead of having to flip through to my monthly events overview. In the future, I want to devote a two page spread to my budgeting so I have more room to work and don’t have to tape in extra pieces of paper.

events/budget aug

My next spread is my brain dump, and my monthly tracker. I only started using a brain dump last month, and I’ve really enjoyed having a place to contain all the brain-spam and tackle larger projects in my own time. I’ve already migrated a few things from last month that I thought were important enough to keep as I go into this month, and I’ll be adding a few more things as I reflect on my goals for this month. My tracker is getting a bit crowded with all the things I want to keep track of, so I may slim down my tracker for next month as I find what works, what doesn’t, and what really needs to be tracked. Though I do consider my tracker to be more of a to-do list than a tracker, to keep my recurring tasks from clogging up my dailies.


The meat of my months are my weekly/daily spreads! I love how efficient this layout is. I have space to journal, my events for the week are in view, and I have confined spaces for my daily tasks. I’ve said this before, but I exist in lists. I like having space to write down everything I need to remember to do so I can plan out my day. I keep things as flexible as possible, keeping in mind that there is always tomorrow if I need more time to get things done. The biggest goal is just to get everything done within the span of the week. With my little recurring tasks kept in my tracker, it prevents my dailies from getting chaotic and crowded.


I did start experimenting with my weekly layouts a bit. I hate taking the time with a ruler to draw out the boxes. I’ve started using brackets to create the boxes, which takes far less time and strain on the neck.


I have another memories page for this month. I love these because it gives me a place to experiment! I can doodle, glue things in, play with different writing styles, and just have fun with it.


Finally, my morning pages! In July I was writing a couple lines of whatever was on my mind. As relieving as that could be, I hated how messy and chaotic it looked. This month I opted for something a little more friendly-looking and open. It’s a couple lines about my day, my mood, and how I feel. I really like how it turned out so far, and I don’t plan on making it so…. rough and raw.

With my spreads laid out, I am super excited to jump into this month and see what happens!

What’s your August Bullet Journal theme?


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