Planning for Future Months!

My first bullet journal is completely full! All I have left is to fill in my September spreads I have already laid out. With no new spreads or collections to create, I’m feeling a little bit antsy. I love the process of planning and drawing up spreads! Even better, taking all the new things I’ve learned in between months and putting them to use in new spreads. I plan on getting a new journal in early September for my birthday. I am so excited at the prospect of a brand new journal with fresh pages and going though my first migration!

While I anxiously wait for that new journal, I’m scratching the itch with some pre-journal planning. I’ve taken the time to use what I have learned to solidify what pages I want, and which ones I don’t. OneNote has been a great place to lay out my spread ideas in a two-column table. It’s easy to edit and move around, unlike when I am planning it with sketches and lists in my notebook.


I have also put a mini notebook to good use! I am already planning out the themes for my next journal, so I took a mini notebook I had laying around and dedicated it to ideas and swatches for my future monthly themes. For October 2018, I decided I wanted to do a dandelion theme. I picked out a few washi tapes I had on hand, wrote down my theme, and sketched out a rough draft for my title page. On the next page I sketched out a dandelion for practice.

I am not a huge fan of the stereotypical themes for months. You know, pumpkins and spooky things for October and November, or Christmas themes for December. I have ordered some new washi tapes and stickers to suit those new themes and expand my little collection. You can never have enough washi! So far I have my dandelion theme for October planned out, I want to do a fall leaf and lightbulb theme for November, and deer for December! I can’t wait for those washi tapes to show up in my mailbox! Though because I ordered them from, it will take them about a month to arrive (great place to get cheap washi!).

Question of the day: What is your theme for September? I have a minimalist theme planned!


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