Migration to My Second Bullet Journal

Hey! Long time, no see! Depression and chaos has had me pretty busy lately. But, I wanted to talk about my new bullet journal! Last month, in September, I finished my first bullet journal and have migrated into my second. My first journal was a Peter Pauper Press, A5 grid notebook. It was a great notebook with good paper that held up well for about 11 months, and it cost around $10.

For my new bullet journal, I moved into a Leuchtturm 1917, which seems to be a favorite in the community. I got it in Nordic Blue and added an awesome vinyl sticker from Etsy! I was so excited to get into this journal and see what all the hype was about. I literally squealed when it arrived! It was a gift for my birthday, which was awesome because it gave me time to work on the migration process while I finished filling out my first bullet journal.

The color on my bullet journal was absolutely gorgeous and the sticker I chose looks  beautiful on the cover. I was really looking forward to the dot grid, which looks much cleaner than grid lines. I also love that it has archival stickers, so I can label the spines and fronts of my journals. I actually used one set of stickers on my old journal, since there were extras. I also love that it has a table of contents that I can fill out, without having to build one myself and worry about how many pages I will need. There is definitely plenty of space for what I will need! Now, I will mention that the pages in this journal can be a small bit thin, and they do ghost. That doesn’t really bother me since I don’t do much in the way of water color or heavy marker work, but I know it bothers some people.

Now my old journal is not completely inactive. I actually have pages and collections that are still being used: my weight and exercise data sheet, my beauty projects, shows and books I am working on, etc. These are things I didn’t want to have to rewrite, since they were only partially used in the old journal. So I created a page called “Page Threading” in my new journal that references where these collections are in case I am looking for them in the future.

The biggest change I made in my new bullet journal, was I was moving all my collections to the back. Aside from a few necessary life things I wanted in the front, I have started my various collections at the back of my notebook (medical notes, notes for work, loan tracking, savings tracking) and I am working forward as I add to them. From the front, I am working my monthly and weekly/daily spreads. At some point, the day-to-day stuff and my collections will meet when I fill the journal.

I have also started implementing some color coding. I have a few categories for types of spreads:  mood lines, work, life stuff, collections, and maintenance/guides. These are marked along the edges of the pages toward the bottom, and I guess it helps me find a few things or at least categorize them. I am still figuring out how to make the best use of them. I know some people use colored pens as they write to help certain types of tasks or notes stand out, but I personally prefer just to use black pens so I don’t have to worry about carrying everything with me when I’m out and about and find it rather messy-looking when everything is in half a dozen different colors. One form of color coding I do like, though, is month to month. Each month has a theme color, and that main color is marked on the edge of the page. It makes it very easy to skip around between months when I am looking for things.

I don’t think I’ll go any deeper into my journal stuff today, and I will probably add pictures to this later (unless I forget). With my depression, I just kind of needed to get a blog post OUT, and not let making things pretty and perfect hold me back from sharing my thoughts.


*Transparency: None of these links are affiliated. I’m not getting any sort of money through clicking them. I just want to share the materials I use!


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