Bullet Journal Layout: November 2018

Good morning internet! As of Thursday evening, I’ve returned from a week away in Arizona to visit the grandparents. It was kind of a working and not-working vacation. We did some inventory sourcing at a few thrift stores, and spent some time catching up on work or meeting a few goals that needed to be dealt with. In all honesty, we (I) didn’t get as much done as planned for a variety of reasons, but the time away and relaxing did a world of good. I was feeling rather depressed and really needed a change of scenery to get myself back to normal.


So now that I’m home and feeling inspired and rejuvenated, let’s talk about November. It’s a busy month, so I’m glad I got my layouts settled months in advance. This month’s theme is lightbulbs, which has been very fun to doodle and play with. I usually don’t do much drawing in my spreads, so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and was very happy with the results! It’s paired with a autumn-colored ginkgo leaf washi tape and bright orange and yellow Tombow Dual Brush pens (933 for the orange, 055 for the yellow from the Bright color pack).


I have really been experimenting in this bullet journal. I’ve been doing much more doodling and trying out stickers and playing with paper textures and brush lettering effects. It has been a lot of fun! This month I also decided to not use my ruler and save myself some strain. I’ve found being obsessed over having a perfect and neat journal is too much stress for me. I’m a messy person, and my journal is going to reflect that.



What is your bullet journal theme for November?



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