The Search for the Orderly

I’ve tried to blog for awhile now under this title “Always Discovering Disorderly”, which played off the acronym “A.D.D” (which typically stands for Attention Deficit Disorder). I was making fun of my struggle with my chaotic, messy, unorganized tendencies. Recently, I’ve felt a need to talk about my journey I’ve been on. I’m on a search for the orderly.

I have always struggled with being a messy person. My family has actually built jokes around it — stereotypes, even. If it’s missing, it’s in my room. If it’s messy, I did it. If it needs to be remembered or kept track of… hah, funny, yeah right. For a long time I just went with it, made fun of it with them, but I’ve grown to hate it. I really do. It feels like an identity I can’t get rid of. Even if my family doesn’t notice, I’m working on it, and I’ve actually been making progress.

I started using a bullet journal in November 2017. It’s now February 2019 and it has made a big difference in my life. I’ve become more organized, and more functional as a person. It has given me a space where I can not only keep myself organized, but I can also reflect and find flaws that I want to work on improving or correcting. I have been exploring new ways to tackle my biggest issues and bring in new habits that I hope will benefit me in the long run.

So let’s talk. Let’s get better. Let’s get orderly.


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