Search for the Orderly: Why?

why statements.jpg

Good afternoon! I talked a little bit in my first post about why I started this adventure toward the Orderly. I didn’t like the way I felt about myself and the habits I had developed, and I wanted to better myself and feel more in control of my life. Finding those reasons why not only gave me motivation to move forward, but they also really helped me dial in on what I wanted out of my bullet journal, those de-cluttering projects, or those workouts. In turn, knowing what I wanted out of those experiences helped encourage me to keep trying and progress forward toward my goals.

My journey started with a bullet journal. Why? Because I wanted to be more organized, and I knew that I worked well with lists. I wanted to stop getting yelled at for forgetting simple things. I wanted to improve my productivity and get more done. I made my to-do lists, kept track of information I needed and events that were occurring so I could plan for them. Little did I know that this little black notebook would become so much more than a collection of to-do lists and notes. I soon began to journal about how I was feeling and reflect on my weeks and what I thought I could do better in the future.

There are a couple pages in my first bullet journal from a time where I was so consumed with anxiety that I was physically in pain. I filled out two pages: one was called Worries, the other was called Plans. On the worries page I listed absolutely everything that was bothering me, from emotional and mental stuff, to stuff that just needed to get done. After compiling that list, I grouped things together and started filling out the Plans section. I created a sort of strategy guide for dealing with the things that were bothering me. Mental health? Talk to my mom and see a doctor. It’s time to get help. Physical health? Talk to a doctor, make sure I’m okay. New job? Make a list of things I need to get done and papers that need to be filled out, and tackle them.

After that point, I continued to learn how to identify problems, figure out how to deal with them, and set goals for myself to achieve. I can flip through the pages of my journal and watch myself grow not only in my layouts and style, but in confidence, and as a person. I take time before every month starts to reflect on my “why statement” and what I want to achieve in the coming month, as well as identifying my failures and how I can improve on them.

If you are new to planning, organization, bullet journals, or goal-setting, I highly recommend you take some time for yourself to evaluate your goals and why you want to achieve them. I don’t mean “because I can” or “because it’s there”. Get specific, focus on what really matters to you or what really bothers you. What is that reason that will drive you forward? Write it down, make it permanent, put it somewhere you can see it. Find a way to remind yourself every day of what you want to achieve this month, this week, or even just today. If you’d like, feel free to share those goals!

Let’s get growing!


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