Bullet Journal: March 2019

march goal setting.jpg

Good afternoon! This month I’m focusing a lot on building good habits. I’ve decided to cut back on the amount of fancy set-up I have laid out in the past. I’m not even using washi tape. The bullet journal system is meant to be quick, and effective. I was at a point where I felt like I was spending too much time setting up my months. I was feeling less and less motivated to draw out and decorate the months. It was time to take a step back and go back to basics.

This month, though I wasn’t incorporating brush lettering or pretty washi tape, I do have a color theme. For this month, I’m using various shades of green from the Tombow Dual Brush pens I have. My favorite is #228, which is gray-green. I use them in the titles for my pages, and maybe some hints of color in a few places to brighten up the pages. I am not spending a load of time drawing lines for columns. Most of the lines I have drawn are just to divide the page in half, or section off the top of my weekly spread where I keep my events so I can see them.

In Ryder Carroll’s book, “The Bullet Journal Method”, he talks about how he doesn’t designate an amount of space for any given day (p89). I did a bit of thinking on this and realized he was right, I was limiting myself by setting out pretty little columns to keep my lists in. This month I got rid of my set columns, divided the page in half, and let the lists figure themselves out. I still have my full-week view without limiting a day to being x number of boxes tall. Letting them take up half the page made it easier for me to write longer notes as well when I needed them. They may not look quite as cute, but I felt more comfortable and free to pour my notes out onto the pages as I went through my day.

The bullet journal community is so full of talent and beautiful, artsy spreads. However, the original system was built to be neat and simple. Sometimes we have to step back, stop over-complicating things, and go back to basics. That way we can focus on what we want to achieve, and stop fussing over that flower not looking quite right.

I hope you have a great and productive rest of your week!


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