The Search for the Orderly: Cleaning Schedule

Hello! I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far! Following last week’s discussion of goals and “why statements”, I wanted to talk about one of my main goals: cleanliness! I will admit that I am not the cleanest person in the world, and sometimes my family regards me as a walking tornado. Everything I touch, becomes messy. Though they don’t seem to notice some days, I have made a lot of progress.

When we moved into a larger house, I was given the master suite, mostly due to there being stairs that separate the bathroom into two sections, making it a dangerous situation for my mom. The other reason was that I was going to be sharing this level of the house with two guys, and needed a little bit more privacy. I now had the responsibility of taking care of more than just a room. I was responsible for keeping it clean and under control.

I tried to make one day a week my cleaning day, where I would pick up the room, clean my bathroom. This didn’t last very long. It was overwhelming for me to clean my space, as well as deal with whatever chores I was asked to do for the general household. I often wore myself out too much, or didn’t get it done at all. So, I broke the big task down into smaller pieces.

Enter: the cleaning schedule. Instead of cleaning the whole space in one day, I broke it down into small tasks for every day of the week. Mondays I do laundry, Tuesdays are for towels and sheets, Wednesdays are when I clean my bathroom, Thursdays are when I take out my trash and recycling, Friday is for my desk area, and Saturday is when I pick up the room.

For each week of the month, I focus on two deep-cleaning or larger projects. Week 1: cleaning the birdcage and my desk area. Week 2: cleaning the floor and washing my sheets. Week three: cleaning the shower and bathroom in more detail. Week 4: another sheet change as well as dusting. If there happens to be a fifth week in the month, I spend it catching up on things I may have missed earlier in the month.

I also have goals for the entire month. These goals are mostly de-cluttering particular areas of my life. They are simply closets and cabinets, desk and documents, bedroom, digital, and goals. I’ll go through these things, figure out what isn’t needed anymore, reorganize, and prioritize.

What about you? Do you break up your cleaning into smaller projects? Or do you prefer to set aside a particular day for cleaning?


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